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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

NY's Political Pork

To continue my anti-pork blog campaign (as organized by the Club For Growth), let me turn the attention to the other NY Republican (um, RINO) reps.

One of the reasons that Republicans took congress over in 1994 was the promise of some fiscal sanity. I guess that just isn't happening.

Previously, I've written about Rep. Peter King (Yes 0-19), Rep. Sue Kelly (Yes 3-19). Remember, a “yes” vote is a vote to remove the spending from the appropriations bill.

NY RINO Hall of Shame
(These RINOs voted for the pork provisions 19 out of 19 times):

1.) Rep. Sherwood Boehlert - New York District 24, currently serving in his 12th consecutive term representing Upstate New York. Time for a change!

2.) Rep. Randy Kuhl - He makes the shameless claim on his website that "We're all looking to keep more of the money we earn, for less government intrusion, and for more financial freedom." LIAR!! How does voting for a $500,000 swimming pool in Banning, CA help "keep more of the money we earn"?

3.) Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds - He supposedly was called "Hero of the Taxpayer". Can you believe it? How about "Robber of the Taxpayer"? Or "Hero of the Pork Lobby"? He won't post these "awards" on his website.

4.) Rep. John M. McHugh - serving his seventh consecutive term in office. His official website claims that "In addition to lowering taxes, Rep. McHugh believes one of Congress' top priorities is to make our government less intrusive and more efficient". Wow! Centainly he can somehow spin his vote for the $1 million Mystic Aquarium in New London, Conn. as a tax-lowering project. Rep. McHugh, Enron may be looking to hire creative accountants!

5.) Rep. John E. Sweeney - His website boasts that "Since being elected to Congress, Rep. Sweeney has carved out an impressive list of legislative accomplishments." Well, I'm sure the Leonard Wood Research Institute is grateful for the $20 million of taxpayer $$s.

6.) Rep. Jim Walsh - He mentions on his site that Buffalo News has described Walsh as "commonly seen as New York's most powerful House member." He's not powerful enough to say no to the $1 million Juniata Locomotive Demonstration :(

With RINOs like these, who needs Democrats?


Blogger Rosemary said...

Thank you for the pic. Have you let Mr. Roth over at Club for Growth know about your site yet? He's looking for bloggers who are hunting porkers. lol. Give it a try. :)

7:38 PM  
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