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Friday, July 21, 2006

World Cup Marketing Scoreboard

The FIFA World Cup is not only the world's largest and most popular sporting event, it's also the world's largest televised event and the world's largest marketing extravaganza.

Advertising Age has an interesting article on the winners and losers of the $2.2 billion spent by World Cup partners (image on the right is also from Advertising Age). Adidas is the clear winner and Emirates the uncontested loser. While I tend to support World Cup sponsors (and MLS sponsors in general), I don't think Emirates even has flights in/out of the US. I could be wrong.

In other news, eBay users must be soccer fans. Reuters reports that eBay bids dried up during World Cup soccer matches. Hmm, makes sense. PC sales also dropped significantly during the World Cup.

Germany 2006 in numbers
(from FIFA).

Auf Wiedersehen Germany !


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