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Saturday, July 29, 2006

435 Districts - 435 Blogs Against Pork

The Club For Growth has launched a creative online campaign against wasteful government spending. Andy Roth published a chart that indicates the votes of all 435 voting members of the House on special-interest earmarks in spending bills (a score of 19-for-19 is a perfect, pro-taxpayer record). The data can be viewed by state, rank or last name.

I decided to join their campaign as fiscal conservatism is one of my top issues in every election. I have also contributed to The Club For Growth in the past, although some of their supported candidates turned out to be quite disappointing.

The Pork Scorecard is now listing 64 blogs.

P.S. My favorite anti-pork blog used to be Porkbusters, founded by Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit's owner), but this new 435 Blogs Against Pork campaign will probably be equally educational.


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